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Essex DIY SEO action pack

“I can’t find my website on Google!”

This is something I regularly hear from Essex business owners who have proudly built their own websites using WordPress, Wix or similar DIY website packages.

After then finding out about SEO, these business owners then despair after contacting a few SEO agencies who want to charge them a small fortune to optimise their site for Google.

There are many aspects to SEO (more details here), and it is a complex subject, but it doesn’t have to be like this.

Using the 80:20 rule, there are lots of simple things you can do to optimise it yourself: 20% effort to achieve – over time – an 80% improvement.

As well as delivering great looking websites, Mike understands how to optimise a site for SEO, which is so important these days.

If you’re in this situation, I can help you by auditing your website for just £349 (website up to five pages).

I’ll find out the changes that you need to make to improve your SEO, and provide you with a DIY SEO action pack containing an actionable list of recommendations which you can implement yourself, saving you a small fortune in SEO agency fees

The audit covers all of the following:

Keyword research

A review of the keywords your website is currently ranking for, and comparison with the keywords your competitors are ranking for.

A prioritised list of keywords that you can use to improve your rankings in the Google search results.

Technical SEO

A review of how the search engines see your website, and how each page of your site will appear in the search engine results listings.

The steps you should take so that search engines can index your website without any issues, and suggested page descriptions for for the search engine results pages.

Website configuration

An analysis of your website’s architecture and configuration.

A list of recommendations for you to implement, to ensure your site is optimally configured for SEO.

Content review

A review of your website content, comparing this with your competition.

Recommendations as to how you could improve your content 

Backlink audit

Analyse your website’s inbound and outbound links in comparison with your competitors.

A summary of the existing links, and opportunities you can pursue to increase backlinks.

Local SEO

Analyse how your website ranks in the geographical areas that you operate, and compare with your competitors.

A list of actions you should take to maximise your website’s chances of ranking for the relevant geographical keywords.

Implementing the recommendations will set your self-built website up well for ranking on Google, so get in touch today to request your DIY SEO action pack.

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